Best-in-Class Surgeons


The pursuit of eternal youth and beauty has fuelled a massive boom in plastic surgery and considerable advances in the field of elective procedures’ technologies generally.

The emergence of social media “influencers” who shape the aesthetic trends of the day through existing and paid-for followers, on the other hand, has created a new “monster” phenomenon: the pursuit of unattainable perfection.

Increasingly, plastic surgery is being harnessed to beautify ever younger women and men, but at what future cost?

This book, as has been the case with previous editions, seeks to demystify some of the procedures that are available, caution against others that have evolved from trends and educate on what the possibilities and limitations of surgery are.

This edition contains some interesting essays and a number of chapters outlining the contributing surgeons’ philosophies and approaches. Some are divergent. The publisher merely seeks to profile some of the best-inclass, in their own words.


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One (1) copy of Best-in-Class Surgeons: Procedures and Outcomes (2019). Hardback, large format.

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